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Dialer Services

Dialer services refer to software applications that automate the process of dialing phone numbers, typically used in telemarketing and sales campaigns.


Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center is a client service function whose primary responsibility is to handle incoming client phone calls. Against this, outgoing decision centers create calls to customers, and get in touch with centers handle client contacts from multiple channels, not simply phone calls.


Outbound Call Center

A predictive dialer is a valuable tool for creating a phone tree for the front-line service employees of your company. It provides a shortcut to the main functions of IVR. It is a real-time agent that is very useful for quickly filling out customer info , or calling someone back with only one click.


Auto Predictive Dialer

On the opposite hand, an outbound call center makes outgoing calls to shoppers. Sales groups generally run outbound centers to cold decision potential customers regarding their products. Firms conjointly might create outbound calls to survey shoppers and collect marketplace research.



VoIP dialer is a free and open- source VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) customer. VoIP dialer is accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's developed from the ground up to be fast and to integrate VoIP protocol features natively. VoIP dialer has basic features like making and receiving phone calls and offers call transfer and voicemail functionality.


CRM Solution

When using the Avyukta Intellicall Cloud Contact Center, telephony controls are embedded into your CRM solution to create a more robust and productive sales, marketing, customer service, support, and ticket management engine. Agents and supervisors are empowered with rich customer data, history, and information to transform the customer experience with every inbound or outbound interaction.


GSM Gateway

GSM Gateway or VoIP GSM Gateway can be referred to as a device or equipment containing one or more SIM Cards from different wireless telecommunications networks which enables the routing of calls or sending and receiving of text messages from fixed apparatus to mobile equipment by establishing a mobile to mobile call or data connection.