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Lead management

Avyukta CRM has been consistently rated as the best lead management solution by both customers and experts.

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Ease of use

Avyukta CRM software is only as good as the people using it. This is where many CRM investments can go wrong.

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Avyukta CRM enables your business to receive, manage, and respond to messages from phone, email, and all in one centralized place.

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Avyukta CRM is a truly customizable solution that can be modified as needed to fit your business.

We offer Powerfull Features in CRM

If you're looking for new CRM software or upgrading your current CRM solution, you should look for these features before buying.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can do much more than just organize contacts and act as a digital Rolodex. With the right features, CRM software can help increase sales by tracking customers, from promoting sales to closing sales and maintaining customer loyalty. It can also save you time and money through sales force automation.

How Avyukta CRM can benefit your business

Avyukta CRM can help you store customer data such as user behavior, purchase records, how long a customer has been with your business, and notes on sales interactions, which you can use to optimize your sales and marketing processes and your business. To improve customer services in the organization.

  • Ease of design and implementation at speed with high Return on investment
  • Solutions for any size company or industry
  • Connect sales, marketing, service, IT, and commerce, personalise experiences
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CRM Software Screen Shots

CRM Software Screenshots provided By Avyukta Intellicall the best Cloud Based CRM Software Solution in the market.

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Pricing Plans

Avyukta CRM for Startup

  • Support available for 1-3-6-12 Months
  • Custom Fields/ Stages/ Disposition
  • Hosted/ Rental/ Purchase
  • Agents Screenshots, Location tracking and upto 10 Reports
  • Development @ 15USD/Hour/Case
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Avyukta CRM for Enterprise

  • Support available for 1-3-6-12 Months
  • Custom Fields/ Stages/ Disposition
  • Hosted/ Rental/ Purchase
  • Agents Screenshots, Location tracking and upto 25+ Reports
  • Includes Dialer Software as well
  • Omnichannel
  • Development@ 15USD/Hour/Case
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Happy Clients Feedback

Avyukta CRM is a great tool for managing sales leads and opportunities. It has helped us increase our sales productivity and efficiency.

Team Manager, BPO Jodhpur

Avyukta CRM has transformed our marketing and sales operations. It's an all-in-one platform that helps us manage our entire customer lifecycle
John Deny

CTO, PTX, Californiya

The reporting and analytics are impressive. We can track our call metrics and monitor our agents' performance to optimize our sales efforts

Data Analysis, BTX, Puner

Avyukta CRM is a simple and effective CRM solution. We love the visual pipeline view that allows us to see our sales progress at a glance

Marketing Manager, MNT Kalkata